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DAN SCHAFFER (Born 1969, Islington, London).  

Formerly a political cartoonist, Dan moved into comics in 2000, writing and illustrating the critically acclaimed comic series DOGWITCH following the adventures of a banished witch named Violet Grimm in her search for redemption, revenge, and a date with a pulse.

With the psychological sci-fi graphic novel, THE SCRIBBLER, Dan took his work in a more serious direction. This tale of a dissociative young woman subjected to a new psychotherapy experiment graphically illustrates the dangers of mechanical thinking in an organic world. 

In 2004 Dan collaborated with British rock singer Katiejane Garside on the seminal graphic novel INDIGO VERTIGO, an hallucinatory tale of one woman's experience at the brink of reality. 

In 2008 Dan moved into film with the gender-horror satire DOGHOUSE The film was released theatrically in June 2009, directed by Jake West. 

Dan's screenplay adaptation of THE SCRIBBLER was picked up by New Artist's Alliance in 2012  and is currently in post production.  Directed by John Suits, starring Katie Cassidy, Garret Dillahunt, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg.

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